MOVE IT & PERFORM 2014 – Case Study


OneBigStar supplied full production to the largest dance exhibition in the UK. Move It 2014 attracted more than 20,000 visitors to Olympia over three days in March.

With five feature areas and fourteen dance class stages all requiring AV, we had plenty to keep us busy. Organiser Upper Street Events appointed OneBigStar in late 2013 and we spent the early part of 2014 designing and creating the various features, including:

  • Main Stage
  • Freestyle Stage
  • Showcase Theatre
  • Dance Fitness Stage
  • Perform Zone
  • 14 breakout classes and convention rooms

We supplied all the technical crew for the build, run and break along with the usual high-standard of OneBigStar owned kit.


  • 24no. Robe Robin MMX
  • 24no. Robe LEDWash 600
  • 6no. Robe Pointe
  • 28no. Robe LED Beam 100
  • 12no. Varilite VLX3
  • 12no. Studio Due StudioLED 600
  • 24no. Studio Due ArchiBar 150
  • 3no. Jem K1 Hazer
  • 2no. Jem 24/7 Hazer
  • 8no. Philips Selecon PL1 Zoom
  • 36no. Source Four Profiles
  • 8no. Selecon Rama Fresnels
  • 18no. Showtec SunStrips
  • 4no. Avolites PowerCube

Lighting Control

  • 1no. grandMA2 Lite Console plus backup
  • 2no. Avolites Tiger Touch
  • 1no. Avolites Titan Mobile
  • All power Distribution
  • All power and Signal Cabling


  • 2no. Liteware OpticalCon DVI distribution system
  • 136no. Chauvet PVP7 LED Panels
  • 1no. Green Hippo Grasshopper plus backup
  • 1no. Roland V800HD


  • 32no. Electro-Voice XLE Compact line array
  • 8no. Electro-Voice XLC line array
  • 10no. Electro-Voice QRX 218
  • 12no. Electro-Voice ZX5
  • 16no Electro-Voice ZLX15P
  • 16no. Electro-Voice ZLX12P
  • Electro-Voice Netmax and Amplification
  • 1no. Roland M-480
  • 1no. Roland M-300
  • 2no. Allen & Heath QU16
  • 36no. Channels or Radio Mics

Rigging & Hardware

  • 185m Prolyte H30V Truss
  • 205m Prolyte H40V Truss
  • 184no. Prolyte LiteDeck
  • 24no. Lodestar LV Motors and Control
  • Event graphics & tension fabric graphic system