National Ice Centre lighting installation 2014 – Case Study


Following the original installation in 2006, the venue asked us to replace their par cans and moving heads filament fixtures with a full LED package for permanent install. The rig is suspended over the ice pad, so replacement and maintenance is extremely difficult. We took a variety of kit on a demo and they immediately loved the Chauvet LED fixtures.

The National Ice Centre’s Adam Timson said: “Thanks to OneBigStar and Chauvet, we’ve been able to bring our lighting system right up to date for a reasonable cost with minimal disruption.”

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Challenges & achievements

With a busy schedule at the NIC, our team only had access above the ice for a short overnight window in between ice sports and entertainment events.

The remote positioning of the rig presents ongoing challenges for maintenance and positioning of fixtures. We specified 10no. Chauvet Rogue R2 LED Spot fixtures and 20no. COLORdash Par-Hex 12 LED wash fixtures for their combination of quality and durability.

Chauvet’s PC-run and iPad controlled ShowXpress control software was also added to control the repertoire of moving heads, enabling the lights to be fully-remote controllable at any position in the arena.